Fish Go Evolution

50% exciting, 50% greedy, 100% addictive experience! In Fish Go Evolution, you can evolve your fish by just sliding to devour lower-level fishes while avoiding larger fishes. Survival in this ocean with rising waves is not that easy. It is smart to use treasure items with bubbles to get bonus. Features: · Free to play any time anywhere; · Shoal of fish appear timely; · Hyper evolution choice to get advantage; · Slide with one finger · Relaxing but a little challenging How to play: Slide on the screen to evolve as high as you can, but remember not to confront the large fishes. Now let's start your marine journey! Are you ready, smart players?
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Efficient operation of a mobile app using new technologies

Focusing on architecture
We have focused on modern protocols of new processor architectures, which allows your application to run stably and quickly on your smartphone.
High speed
The high speed of the application was achieved by redesigning the application code for the new operating system and the parameters of working with the processor.
Easy customization
Our applications are designed first and foremost so that each user can fine-tune it to suit any parameters and appearance.

Feature Highlights

Server support

Our applications are constantly connected to servers, which we are constantly improving and optimizing.

Customer work

Client applications are updated streaming from our servers, so it's convenient to get and have the latest version of the application.

Server monitoring

We use special dates for maintenance of our servers. We constantly monitor their condition and reduce the load on the CPU. This allows millions of people to use our applications without network problems.

Working with a microphone

Our apps work perfectly with your smartphone's microphone, which helps you use the app with speech recognition or speech-to-text translation.

User reviews

Users praise our apps. They especially note the stability of the applications, the high speed, the high quality of the support service, and the ease of receiving updates.

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